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Home Ocean Facts Are mermaids real? Are mermaids real? No evidence of aquatic humanoids has ever been found. Statue of a sailor mermaid from Portsmouth, Virginia. Mermaids those half-human, half-fish sirens of the sea are legendary sea creatures chronicled in maritime cultures since time immemorial.
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The alchemist Paracelsus s treatise A Book on Nymphs, Sylphs, Pygmies, and Salamanders, and on the Other Spirits 1566 spawned the idea that the water elemental or water sprite could acquire an immortal soul through marriage with a human; this led to the writing of De la Motte Fouqué s novella Undine, and eventually to the most famous literary mermaid tale of all, Hans Christian Andersen s fairy tale, The Little Mermaid" 30.
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Modern mermaid reports are very rare, but they do occur; for example, news reports in 2009 claimed that a mermaid had seen sighted off the coast of Israel in the town of town of Kiryat Yam. It or she performed a few tricks for onlookers before just before sunset, then disappearing for the night.

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